Dreamforce 2017 Admin Track Session Recordings

Admin Keynote

Trailhead Keynote


  1. Lightning Migration Tips and Tricks for Solo Admins
  2. Planning Your Migration to the Lightning Experience – Four Steps to Success
  3. Congratulations! You’ve Inherited a Mature Org… Now What? (2)
  4. Top 10 Pro Tips for Addressing Common Gotchas in Lightning Experience
  5. How Unconscious Bias Affects Building Innovative Solutions
  6. Lightning-Fast Productivity Made Easy with Consoles
  7. Planning Your Migration to the Lightning Experience – Four Steps to Success (2)
  8. Using Salesforce to Document Your Changes to Salesforce
  9. Salesforce Optimizer Increases Productivity and Drives Salesforce Usage
  10. Introducing Flow – Now with Lightning!
  11. Innovate How You Educate Your End Users
  12. https://www.salesforce.com/video/1765237
  13. Congratulations! You’ve Inherited a Mature Org… Now What?
  14. Requirements Drive Processes. Processes Drive Solutions.
  15. Deliver Training on Lightning Experience ? Without Breaking into a Sweat
  16. Reinvent Your Inside Sales Team with Lightning, Einstein and Advanced Automation
  17. Make the Jump to Lightning …And Get It Right First Time
  18. You Can’t Ignore Me Anymore! 3 Features That Matter to Admins in Lightning
  19. Lightning Layout Gumshoe
  20. Salesforce CPQ, AppExchange, or Out-of-the-box?
  21. Sales Reps Will Love You with Lightning for Outlook and Gmail
  22. Left to Right, Using Quick Actions to Streamline Everything
  23. The App After Your Org’s Heart: Building Apps That Will Light Up Your Org
  24. Think Like an Analyst: Tips for Navigating Salesforce as a Solo Admin
  25. Mentorship in the Real World: Get the Support You Need for Your Career
  26. From Accidental to Awesome Admin: What I Wish I Knew When I Started
  27. Expand the Report Builder with Custom Report Types
  28. I Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Documentation
  29. Let´s Make Your Salesforce Multilingual!
  30. Org Security Fundamentals
  31. Salesforce Security: Admin Checklist
  32. Einstein Analytics: Genius Dashboards
  33. Roll Out New Features in Salesforce to a Global Team as a Solo Admin
  34. A Beginner’s Guide to Lightning Components
  35. Effective End-User Training
  36. Drive Adoption with Dashboards
  37. Using Chatter to Increase User Adoption
  38. Build Your First Custom Lighting App in Five Easy Steps
  39. AppExchange Demo Jam for Admins
  40. Salesforce Sandboxes: Your Awesome Admin Playground
  41. How to Lead Change Management Like a Boss
  42. Build Skills with Trailhead to Become a Salesforce Admin #2
  43. Change Management for Awesome Admins
  44. Are You an Imposter? OWN IT!
  45. Process Automation Makeover
  46. Build Skills with Trailhead to Become a Salesforce Admin #1
  47. How I Built This: 3 Custom Solutions that Solve Real Salesforce Problems


  1. Code to Clicks
  2. Demystifying Single Sign On for Salesforce Admins
  3. Low Adoption? Relaunch, Rebrand and Reengage with Lightning!
  4. Automate & Ignite Your Community with Process Builder, Flow & Lightning Bolt (2)
  5. Adopting Files and Enhanced Notes in Lightning Experience (2)
  6. Lightning Components : Even More Power for Admins to Command
  7. Become an Admin Rockstar with Einstein
  8. Turning It On: How to Say Good-Bye to Classic for Days
  9. Salesforce DX: an Admin’s perspective
  10. How Does Cake Boss Offer Sweet eCommerce Customer Experiences with the Platform?
  11. Fearless Date and Time Formulas
  12. Lightning Success: Taking Your Migration by Storm
  13. Lightning Migration Success – A Success Story
  14. Increase Your Org’s Security With 2FA
  15. Catch the Release: How to Manage Salesforce’s Major Releases Year-round
  16. An Admin Roadmap to a Clean Org
  17. The Ultimate Guide to Report Types
  18. Bring Einstein’s Language Skills into Your Org with Process Builder
  19. How Lightning “Strikes” a Balance Between Admins and Developers
  20. If You Can Create Reports Then You Can Write SOQL
  21. Automate & Ignite Your Community with Process Builder, Flow & Lightning Bolt
  22. How to Increase User Adoption with Salesforce Actions
  23. Simplifying Security and Compliance with Security Health Check and Org Monitor
  24. Looking Under the Hood of Your Org with Eclipse
  25. Einstein Analytics – What’s New Winter 18
  26. Living the Person Account Life
  27. Salesforce CPQ is Your Friend
  28. Leverage the Power of Picklists
  29. Empower Admins with Salesforce Visual Workflow
  30. Five Fantastic Formulas For #AwesomeAdmins
  31. Check Your Flow! How Visual Workflow Helps Remove the Need for Code
  32. Path, Not Just for Opportunities Anymore
  33. Where’s the Undo Button?! Deployment Best Practices
  34. To CPQ or Not To CPQ? How Well You Know Your Products Is the Question
  35. Salesforce on Salesforce: Quip Connect
  36. Should I Turn on Contacts to Multiple Accounts?
  37. Reports and Dashboards in Lightning? No problem!
  38. Time-Based Automation Demystified
  39. The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up Your Salesforce Org
  40. Admin Data Scientists in Action!
  41. Get Rid of URL Hacks in Lightning Experience
  42. Three Ways I Got My Boss on Board with Lightning
  43. Bring Users With You on The Trail to Lightning
  44. Lightning Login: The Best Feature You’ve Never Heard About
  45. Process Automation Showdown #1
  46. Trailhead Lip Sync Battle
  47. Salesforce Shield: Transaction Security & Event Monitoring
  48. Move Your Sales Team to Lightning in Less than 90 Days
  49. Go Password-Free with Lightning Login
  50. Leverage Lightning to Drive User Adoption
  51. Process Automation Showdown #2