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How to Use Salesforce to Manage Your Documentation

How to Use Salesforce to Manage Your Documentation

No matter the size of your organization, or how many admins you have on your team (if you have a team!), one of the last things you probably enjoy doing is writing documentation. I hear you—it’s hard to start writing documentation, know what to capture, and figure out where to put it so you’ll actually […]

Introducing Prompt Builder.

Introducing Prompt Builder: Supercharge Every Workflow with Trusted AI Prompts

Generative artificial intelligence (AI) is not only the latest buzzword but has actually revamped our daily workflows, from upending how students study for exams to helping travelers quickly plan itineraries. While we’ve encountered firsthand how generative AI helps to supercharge our daily tasks, we haven’t seen the same level of impact on our business workflows—until […]


Streamline Change and Release Management with DevOps Center

Admins, you’re being asked to do a lot these days in this period of consistently evolving data, artificial intelligence (AI), and technology. As the backbone of your organization’s realm of technical infrastructure, ensuring seamless application delivery, managing complex systems, and navigating the maze of application lifecycle management is a heavy load. In this landscape, where […]



How to Build a Permission Set Led Security Model

Admin Best Practices is a new video series made for #AwesomeAdmins, by #AwesomeAdmins. Watch this new series to learn expert tips and best practices to…

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Learn how the Salesforce Platform can help you build better apps and customer experiences.
~1 hr 35 mins
Build a project management app to construct a galactic Battle Station. No code required.
+4,500 POINTS
Put your click-not-code skills to work to build an app and unlock new functionality.
~6 hrs

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