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How I Solved This: Use Flow and Slack to Drive User Collaboration
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Strategic Slack Channel Management.

Strategic Slack Channel Management for Salesforce Admins

As a Salesforce Admin, a good portion of our daily job is to be a functional leader within your organization. When you think about it, many of the users you support don’t report directly to you, yet they often benefit from your leadership and direction. So, apart from being a direct leader or managing people, […]

Chance Martin in a new "How I Solved It' episode.

How I Solved It: Communicate Faster with Slack

In this episode of “How I Solved It” on Salesforce+, #AwesomeAdmin Chance Martin solves an account communications problem using Slack and Flow. Learn how he approached building his solution and his tips for developing admin skills. The problem A while back, I worked with a sales team who struggled to keep everyone on the same […]

Mountains and greenery next to text that says, "Share User Feedback in Slack with OmniScripts."

Seamlessly Share User Feedback in Slack with OmniScripts

⚠️ The challenge As #AwesomeAdmins, we’re used to managing our Salesforce orgs and constantly making our best efforts to turn user feedback into actionable enhancements together with the development team. Now let’s imagine it’s the go-live day of a brand new, industry-specific component. We’re all so excited about it and we want to enrich it […]



Supercharge Slack with Workflow Builder

? Did you know you can automate in Slack? Boost productivity, send messages based on reactji, and more, all with just a few clicks! Whether…

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