Salesforce Admin Enablement Kit

We want to empower you to talk about your role as a Salesforce Administrator and the value that you add to an organization – so we’ve created an enablement kit to help you! The kit is designed to help ALL admins, regardless of your level of experience, to communicate:

  1. The value and impact of your role as a Salesforce Admin.
  2. How the Salesforce Platform can be used to solve business challenges and achieve business goals.

Download the Kit

What’s included?

  • A ready-to-go presentation deck, including example talking points and guiding notes.
  • 4 demos, including example click paths and talking points.
  • An instructional video with a Salesforce expert.

Additional resources to help you

Share your experience

Share your experience using this enablement kit, we want to hear what worked for you and any additional feedback you may have!

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