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Cloudy standing next to text that says, "How Salesforce Uses Junction Objects to Enrich Reporting."

How Salesforce Uses Junction Objects to Enrich Reporting

Did you know the Admin Relations team uses Salesforce to manage our content publication process? We publish many different kinds of content including blogs, videos, marketing campaigns, YouTube Live episodes, Twitter Spaces, and the occasional trail. We also publish on a lot of different topics like Tableau, Sales Cloud, essential habits for Salesforce Admins, Release […]

Image of Stephen Brown next to text that says, "Skills for Success: Data Management."

Flex Your Data Management Skills as a Salesforce Admin

If you’ve tuned into any podcast or blog post on data recently, chances are you’ve heard data referred to in lofty terms. “The oil of the 21st century” and “the lifeblood of any business” are some that come to mind for me. What is definitely true, in the context of your Salesforce environment, is that […]

Image of David Carnes next to text that says, "Skills for Success: Data Analysis."

Build Your Data Analysis Skills as a Salesforce Admin

Twenty years ago, while managing systems for the IT team at a small software company, I was encouraged by our CEO to think of myself as a business person first and an IT person second. He knew of my love for working with systems and data, and suggested that employing those talents to optimize processes […]



How I Solved This: Empower a New Sales VP Using Reports with Formulas

Welcome to another “How I Solved This." In this series, we do a deep dive into a specific business problem and share how one #AwesomeAdmin…

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+2,600 POINTS
Navigate and personalize Analytics, and explore data on desktop and mobile.
~4 hrs 50 mins
Track key business information for your stakeholders with reports and dashboards.
~1 hr 30 mins
+6,000 POINTS
Design powerful reports and an eye-catching dashboard to shine a light on your data.
~6 hrs

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