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Best Practices for Configuring Your Integration User.

Best Practices for Configuring Your Integration User

As a security-minded admin, you should follow the principle of least privilege. What is the principle of least privilege, you ask? It’s the concept of limiting users’ access rights to only what is required to do their jobs. That’s always been my guiding principle as an admin, and even when I was a customer. Following […]

The admin Learn Moar Trailhead Community badge next to text that says, "#4 Analytics Enhancements."

Analytics Enhancements | Learn MOAR Summer ’23

The Summer ’23 release has a lot of great analytics enhancements specifically designed for admins, from the new Analytics tab to posting dashboards to Slack to sharing Tableau visualizations in Salesforce. Read this blog post for the highlights. Then complete the Learn MOAR Summer ’23 for Admins trailmix to earn a special community badge. Visit […]

Jen Cole pointing to herself and text to the left of her that says, "Manage Data with MuleSoft."

How I Solved It: Manage Data with MuleSoft

In this episode of “How I Solved It” on Salesforce+, #AwesomeAdmin Jen Cole solves an inefficient fulfillment and sales process using MuleSoft Composer. Learn how she approached building her solution and her tips for developing admin skills. The problem Once upon a time, not so long ago, I was asked to fix an inefficient sales […]



Expert Corner: Build Integrations With Clicks With MuleSoft Composer Product Manager Ashley Simons

Expert Corner is an interactive video series made for our #AwesomeAdmin community. Each episode features Salesforce Product Managers and experts sharing new and upcoming features…

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