Dreamforce 2016 Breakout and Theater Recordings

Breakout Sessions

  1. 5 Steps to Jump Start Your Salesforce1 Mobile Rollout
  2. 8 Essential Apex Tips for Admins
  3. 8 Reporting Formulas Users Don’t Know to Ask for
  4. A Pocket Guide to Lightning UI Customizations
  5. A Security Guide for Rockstars: Keeping the Bad Folks Out and More
  6. Admin To Analyst: Salesforce Business Analysts Talk Transitioning Roles
  7. Admins: You Can Code Too
  8. An Admin Roadmap to an Existing Org
  9. An Admin’s Guide to Unit Tests
  10. Automating Your Customer On-boarding with Lightning Process Builder
  11. Communities Tips & Tricks for Administrators and Community Managers
  12. Congratulations… You’ve Inherited a Mature Org: Now What?
  13. Custom Permissions and Your Lightning Rollout
  14. Data Migrations Made Easy: Tools & Best Practices
  15. Demystifying Single Sign-On for Salesforce Admins
  16. Don’t Build Yet: How to Understand and Document Process in Salesforce
  17. Don’t Go At It Alone: Developing a Database Goverance Board
  18. Effective End User Training for the Lightning Experience
  19. Find Your Dream Job and Grow your Career Using Trailhead (Spanish Session)
  20. Finish Strong: Best Practices for Successful Deployment
  21. Formula Safari: Seeking out Formula Fields in Unusual Places
  22. Formulas for the Everyday Admin
  23. Gamification: The Trail to Awesome Adoption
  24. Getting Started with Formulas
  25. Harness the Power of Lightning with App Builder
  26. How to Re-Introduce Salesforce to Your Org: Re-boot Your Salesforce Strategy
  27. How User Experience Design Addresses Unconscious Biases in Technology
  28. If You Build It, They Will Use It: Creating Effective Dashboards
  29. Integrate at Lightning Speed with Salesforce Connect
  30. Introduction to Lightning Experience
  31. IoT and Automation for Admins
  32. It’s Alive! Keep Your Data Happy & Healthy
  33. Lightning Experience: Make the Switch & Make Users Happy
  34. Lightsabers and the Force: How to Enable Two-factor Authentication
  35. Managing Change With A Sensible Sandbox Architecture
  36. No Secret Decoder Required – Maintaining Your Org’s Setup for Optimal Efficiency
  37. Org Lifecycle Management: Empowering Admins
  38. Preparing for Lightning: Replacing URL Hacks with Actions
  39. Process Automation: The Force Awakens
  40. Process Builder for the Service Cloud
  41. Reporting & Dashboards: Tips and Tricks to Productive Reporting
  42. Requirements Drive Processes. Processes Drive Solutions.
  43. Run Your Org from Your Phone with SalesforceA
  44. Salesforce Career Series: Tips and Tricks from the #AwesomeAdmin Community
  45. Salesforce Magic for the Everyday Admin
  46. Sharing Is Caring…Except when it’s not!
  47. Swimming in a Sea of Data? Grab a Salesforce Lightning Life Preserver
  48. The 3 C’s of Valuable Communities: Connection, Context, and Compassion
  49. The Power of Lightning Components is Yours To Command
  50. Triggers for Admins
  51. Troubleshoot User Access Problems the Salesforce Way
  52. Usability Ninja Series: Tips and Tricks for Improving Usability
  53. Using Process Builder to the Admin Advantage
  54. Using Salesforce to Document Your Changes to Salesforce
  55. Visualforce in Lightning for Admins and Developers
  56. What You Need to Know to Flow
  57. When is an Object Not an Object? (Decoding Coding for Admins)
  58. Work Life Integrity: The Science Behind Personal Change
  59. Writing Effective and Maintainable Validation Rules
  60. Writing Good Salesforce Requirements: A Dramedy in Two Acts

Theater Sessions

  1. A Beginner’s Guide to Lightning Components
  2. Achieving Awesome Adoption Through Training & Support
  3. Administer on the Go with SalesForceA, Even from a Chinook Helicopter
  4. An Admin’s Guide to the Developer Console
  5. Authentic Connections in an Online World
  6. Automate Tasks for Transitioning Employees with Process Builder and Flow
  7. Be an Admin Hero: Make Adoption Fly with Salesforce1
  8. Become A Formula Writing Guru in 20 Minutes
  9. Buy vs. Build: Understanding the Right Solution
  10. Conducting a Large Admin Team
  11. Data Modeling Made Easy
  12. Documenting Your Salesforce Org
  13. Drive Adoption and Buy-In Using Storytelling
  14. Effectively Managing User Permissions with a Governance Strategy
  15. Fearless Date Formulas: Leap Years and More
  16. From Awesome Admin to Champion Coder
  17. Get the Most from Custom Permissions
  18. Getting Started With Apex as an Admin
  19. How Admins and Developers Can Collaborate
  20. How to Choose the Right Automation Tool
  21. How to Scale Your Admin Team as Your Company Grows
  22. How to Shop Smart on AppExchange
  23. How to Weave Diversity and Inclusion into Your Company’s DNA
  24. How to Write the Trailhead Way
  25. Lightning Components for Admins
  26. Lightning Fast Tips For Your Lightning Roll Out
  27. Lightning Strikes: Embrace the Change in Your Org
  28. Manage Your Time with Fibit and Agile
  29. Move Out of Excel and into a Pre-Lead Workspace
  30. MVP Process Automation Showdown
  31. Process Automation Makeover: Transform Multiple Workflows into One Process
  32. Process Builder and Flow: An Admin’s Trigger
  33. Reporting 101: Understanding the How, What, and Where
  34. Rollin’ Out Lightnin’ Ain’t All That Frightenin’
  35. Salesforce Admin to CPQ Hero
  36. Sandboxes: The Future of App Development
  37. Simplify Complex Data with Dynamic Image Formulas
  38. Steps to Become a Trusted Advisor
  39. The Power of One
  40. The Proactive Admin: Five Tips to Become an Indispensable Force
  41. Tips to Drive Chatter Adoption
  42. Top 5 User Problems Admins Solve
  43. Transform your Entire Customer Lifecycle, at Enterprise Scale
  44. Two-Factor Authentication: Easy Setup, Major Impact
  45. Using Third-Party Tools for Easy Data Manipulation
  46. Workbench: An Admin’s Best Friend
  47. Write Powerful Communication to Get Your Stakeholder’s Attention
  48. YETI Simplifies Salesforce/SAP Integration with enosiX

*Slides available on Slideshare