Admin #LightningChallenge

Calling all Salesforce Admins – you’re invited to participate in the first ever Admin #LightningChallenge! Join us on a 10-day quest to learn more about Lightning and get hands-on experience with some of the cool new features and functionality.

If you successfully complete all 10 challenges, you’ll score yourself an awesome SWAG pack! You may even be selected to be a special guest on the Salesforce Admins Podcast.

Plus, each day we’ll randomly select one lucky participant to receive bonus SWAG! Sounds exciting, right? Join the fun with these 3 steps:

Complete 10 Daily Lightning Challenges!
Each day we’ll post a challenge on this page to let you know what your daily challenge is. We know you’re busy, so each challenge is designed to be completed in less than 20 minutes per day.

Share your Progress on Social Media!
When you complete a daily challenge post an update on Twitter using #LightningChallenge with a screenshot, GIF, or video. E.g. “I completed Day 1 of the Admin #LightningChallenge!”

Collect your SWAG!
After you complete the 10th challenge, fill out the completion form completion form by 11/30/16 to get your SWAG. For the bonus SWAG, be sure to use #LightningChallenge on Twitter.


The challenge is completed! Congrats, everyone!



Day 9 (11/21/16)

Day 8 (11/18/16)

Day 7 (11/17/16)

Day 6 (11/16/16)

Day 5 (11/15/16)

Day 4 (11/14/16)

Day 3 (11/13/16)

Day 2 (11/10/16)

Day 1 (11/9/16):

Introduction to Admin #LightningChallenge:



  1. Who can participate in the challenge? All Salesforce Administrators of any skill level – no prior Lightning experience is necessary! If you want to dip your toe into the water to learn a little more about Salesforce Lightning, we encourage you to participate in the challenge.
  2. When does the challenge start and end? The challenge starts November 9th at 10 am PT and finishes November 22nd 10 pm PT.
  3. When are new challenges posted? New challenges are posted at 10am Pacific each work day.
  4. Can I join the challenge after it’s started? Absolutely! You can join at any time throughout the 10-day challenge. Remember to catch up on any challenges you’ve missed as you must complete all 10 challenges to receive SWAG!
  5. What if I get stuck on a challenge? Not to worry, it happens to the best of us! Every day we will share the solution from the previous challenge live at 10 am PT on this page.
  6. What if I miss a day? Never fear! We know Admins are a busy bunch, so you can catch up on any challenges you’ve missed whenever you get a few spare seconds. Just remember to complete all 10 challenges by 10pm PT 11/22/16 if you want to receive #AwesomeAdmin SWAG!
  7. How do I collect my SWAG? After you complete the 10th challenge, fill out the completion form to let us know you’ve successfully completed the challenge. Since we can’t teleport your #AwesomeAdmin SWAG to you, we’ll mail it to the address you provide in the form within 12 weeks. In order to be eligible for the SWAG pack, you must complete all 10 challenges, share all 10 of your solutions, and fill out the form by 10pm PT 11/30/16.