Matt Lacey on the Salesforce StackExchange


Matt Lacey

Matt Lacey is a Salesforce MVP & App Developer at S. P. Keasey Trading Co. He is super active on StackExchange, and I believe our first guest from Australia.

In this episode we talk about how businesses need to start rethinking their ideas and methodologies to get the most from the cloud. Matt is a big fan of the Salesforce StackExchange so we learn why that community is thriving and developers are going there. In addition Matt gives us some insight into what it’s like to develop for the IOS platform and the platform, and what’s on his Dreamforce 2013 wishlist.

We wrap everything up with a little F1 chat. You can follow Matt on twitter @LaceySNR and check out the StackExchange at:

Matt’s Apps: 
Ring My Bell –
Drop my Dossier-

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