How Salesforce Admins get ready for a new release


This week on the ButtonClick Admin podcast we talk to Ally Witherspoon and Samanthia Achuff from about how you can best navigate the release process. For all of you who have struggled with the sandbox preview, the lengthy release notes, and/or release training, this podcast is a must listen. Samanthia and Ally will share best practices and tips and tricks, so you can make sure you’re navigating the release cycle with ease and taking advantage of all the new features. And if you’ve already dove into the Winter ’14 release, you will want to tune in to hear about some of the awesome new features and hidden gems that you may have overlooked.

Ally Witherspoon - Salesforce ReleaseAlly Witherspoon
Associate Manager, Release Marketing

Ally works on the Corporate Messaging team at and manages release marketing. Three times per year, when new features are rolled out, she is responsible for communicating the features and their benefits to customers in a variety of mediums. Prior to Salesforce, Ally worked for several startups in the Bay Area where she was a customer and evangelist and had the unique opportunity of working with Salesforce’s products through a marketing lens. Now she gets to put her experience to good use, ensuring customers are release ready so they can make the most of each Salesforce release.

Samanthia Achuff - Salesforce ReleaseSamanthia Achuff
Customer Success Strategy Manager

 Samanthia Achuff, Customer Success Strategy Manager at is a innovatively-driven business executive and technical contributor, with more than 10 years of experience building business units where people, processes and systems result in increased efficiency, revenue and customer retention. With more than 10 years in the CRM business, Samanthia has spent the last 3 years working at, advising customers to help them drive to a successful Salesforce implementation with high user adoption and value for executives.  She now moderates in the Success Community for Salesforce, continuing to help customers be successful with their Salesforce needs.

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Additional Resources:

Release Community

Winter ’14
Release Site
Release Dates
Release Notes
Release Preview
Pre-Release Sign-Up
Release Training (coming soon!)

Summer ’13
Release Site

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