Kevin Richardson on getting to the Why


This week on the podcast we talk to Principle Customer Success Manager, Kevin Richardson. Kevin shares with us a great approach that he uses with customers to understand features and functionality by asking Why. While this may sound simple this is a powerful way to understand feature requests. Kevin also gives us a great example of why asking why is important.

Whether you are a solo admin or one who works in a group, this is a great podcast to help you understand business process and deliver functionality that exceed your users and executives expectations. And we give big shoutouts to Salesforce MVPs Shell Black (@Shell_Black) and Geraldine Gray (@GeraldineGray).

You can follow Kevin on Twitter at: @klrichardson

Here is a great example from Kevin-

Problem: The Washington Monument was disintegrating

  • Why? Use of harsh chemicals
  • Why? To clean pigeon poop
  • Why so many pigeons? They eat spiders and there are a lot of spiders at monument
  • Why so many spiders? They eat gnats and lots of gnats at monument
  • Why so many gnats? They are attracted to the light at dusk.

Solution: Turn on the lights at a later time.

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