Breaking down communication barriers with Carolina Ruiz


 “Sometimes we think the language is a barrier, right? And we think that it’s difficult to understand. But at the end of the day, for me as a developer, we have the code that is the common language.”


About Carolina

Carolina Ruiz is an accomplished certified Developer with experience and skills in design, implementation and problem solving of Salesforce applications. I am also highly experienced in agile software development with certification as Scrum Master and Scrum Developer.

Carolina’s blog is a fantastic source for Spanish speaking Admins (and if you use Google Chrome, it can be translated to English). You can follow Carolina on twitter at @CarolEnLaNube

You can read more about Carolina in a Salesforce post “Keep Trying and you will become a Salesforce Developer“, she was also featured on the podcast Code Coverage, which can be found at – Carolina Ruiz on Community Building

And without a doubt.. “Geekiness is celebrated on this podcast.”

Community Spotlight

This is you chance as a community to shine and be featured on the podcast! If you are active in the Salesforce Success Community, a blogger, or on twitter we will be highlighting posts that are helping Admins become #AwesomeAdmins. And if you find a post that was helpful to you, or want to suggest it for the show be sure to tweet or post it to the success community using the hashtag- #AwesomeAdmin . Check out what other Admins are saying by following the hashtag #AwesomeAdmin on Twitter.


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