It’s more than Code Coverage with Steven Herod & Matt Lacey


 “I think the question you have to ask if you are an Admin is ‘Am I attempting to learn enough Salesforce development to just tide me over, for what I’m doing here, to get me through?’ Or ‘Am I interested in taking on software development as a profession?'”


About Steven Herod

Steven Herod has been working in IT for nearly 20 years as a Developer, Project Manager, Architect and Problem Solver.  He has worked with Salesforce for the past 4 1/2 years and holds 7 Salesforce certifications including Certified Technical Architect. Currently he is the Technical Director for the Asia-Pacific region of Cloud Sherpas where he leads a team of senior technical consultants helping organisations with complex Salesforce projects.


About Matt Lacey

Matt fell into the Salesforce world by accident from game development, and now can’t imagine being anywhere else. He is a co-founder of The S. P. Keasey Trading Co. and Proximity Insight, which builds real world clienteling applications on the platform using iBeacon technology. Matt proposed, championed and now moderates the Salesforce StackExchange site, and co-hosts the Code Coverage podcast with Steven. In odd bouts of spare time he is writing a game in 68k assembly on an Atari Falcon for kicks.

Matt lives in a hipster-heavy area of Melbourne, Australia (which has the best coffee in the world), with his wife and two scheming cats, and also has a baby under development, scheduled for release in the (southern hemisphere) Winter.


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