Nerding out on nonprofits with Beth Breisnes


Beth has been working with nonprofits and social enterprises on Salesforce since 2009. She loves working with innovative nonprofit organizations and helping them deliver on their missions more effectively through technology. Active in the Salesforce community, she co-leads the Vancouver (BC) Nonprofit User Group and was named a Salesforce MVP in 2014. Beth is a Salesforce Certified Developer and Administrator. Her passion for sustainability led her to complete an MBA in Sustainable Business in 2010.

Be sure to connect with Beth on twitter at @BethBrains




Our special so-host this week is LeeAnne Templeman. LeeAnne is a fellow Evangelist at Salesforce. She is working to elevate Admins by giving them advanced techniques such as learning coding skills and understanding how to leverage all the tools Salesforce provides. LeeAnne is our resident #DemoMaster- leading the Lightning Launch demo and the Admin Keynote demos. You can follow LeeAnne on twitter at @Leeandroid




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