Expert Corner: Build Integrations With Clicks With MuleSoft Composer Product Manager Ashley Simons


Expert Corner is an interactive video series made for our #AwesomeAdmin community. Each episode features Salesforce Product Managers and experts sharing new and upcoming features and functionality for admins.

Join us for an Expert Corner chat with MuleSoft Composer product owner, Ashley Simons. We discuss how admins can get started with building integrations with clicks.


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J. Steadman in a new "Did You Know?" episode.

Improve Your Project Management Skills with Flow Integration

🧐 Did you know you can use Flow integration to keep your projects on track? When you create, update, or delete a record in Salesforce you can also create tasks in Asana — and it doesn’t require any code! In this video you’ll learn: How to connect Salesforce and Asana using Flow integration How to […]

Greenery and text that says "Use MuleSoft Composer to Integrate Salesforce Orgs and Slack."

Use MuleSoft Composer to Integrate Salesforce Orgs and Slack

As admins, once we gather and understand business requirements, we want to get building! Have you ever been in a situation where you could build a solution yourself BUT it required an integration? You would be dependent on a developer resource to complete your solution, which adds time and cost to your project. What if […]

Skill Up and Utilize MuleSoft Composer

6 Resources to Help You Skill Up and Utilize MuleSoft Composer

Innovation is no longer just IT’s responsibility! In fact, more than 76% of business users like admins want to get involved in new ways to enhance internal digital services at their companies. Salesforce Admins use clicks, not code, to automate solutions. However, that often means relying on programmatic tools to connect data across systems. That’s […]


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