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J. Steadman in a new "Did You Know" episode.

Use Custom Permissions to Display a Screen Flow

🧐  Did you know you can use custom permissions to display screen flows in Lightning pages? Follow along to learn how in this step-by-step tutorial. This video is perfect for admins of all experience levels. No Flow experienced required! In this video you will: Create a custom permission Assign it to a permission set Assign […]

Awesome Admins around the world.

What Being an #AwesomeAdmin Means to Admins Around the World

Over the last year, we’ve talked to hundreds of Salesforce Admins around the world to understand what being an admin means to you! Admins are problem solvers and innovators. You deliver on core responsibilities by supporting users, managing data, maintaining security standards, and delivering actionable analytics. But don’t take it from me — watch the […]

J. Steadman next to text that says "Supercharge Slack with Workflow Builder."

Supercharge Slack with Workflow Builder

🧐 Did you know you can automate in Slack? Boost productivity, send messages based on reactji, and more, all with just a few clicks! Whether you’re new to Workflow Builder or just looking for a refresher, this video is for you! In this video you will learn: Where to find ready-to-download Slack workflows How to […]

LeeAnne Rimel and Antoine Cabot.

Expert Corner: Plan for the Future of Flow Orchestrator with Product Management Director Antoine Cabot

“Expert Corner” is an interactive video series made for our #AwesomeAdmin community. Each episode features Salesforce Product Managers and experts, sharing new and upcoming features and functionality for Admins. Join us for an “Expert Corner” chat with Product Management Director, Antoine Cabot. We will be discussing Flow Orchestrator and how Salesforce Admins should be planning […]