Ashley Simons

Ashley is a Senior Product Manager at MuleSoft. She enjoys finding creative ways to expose complex integration features in a new and improved, user-friendly manner. When not planning the next cool capability in Composer for admins, you can find her hitting the trails in the Bay Area (or around the world) or curled up with a good historical fiction novel.

Cloudy in the meadow next to text that says "Transform Your Data with the MuleSoft Composer Custom Expression Editor."

Introducing the MuleSoft Composer Custom Expression Editor

As admins, you know that the needs of your business stretch beyond the bounds of a cookie-cutter approach—especially when it comes to integrations and automation. We kept this in mind as we built MuleSoft Composer for Salesforce, the no-code integrations and automation tool built for admins. Today, we are introducing a new formula editor feature […]