Beth Breisnes

Beth Breisnes has been working with nonprofits and social enterprises on Salesforce since 2009. She loves working with innovative nonprofit organizations and helping them deliver on their missions more effectively through technology. Active in the Salesforce community, she co-leads the Vancouver (BC) Nonprofit User Group and was named a Salesforce MVP in 2014. Beth is a Salesforce Certified Developer and Administrator. Her passion for sustainability led her to complete an MBA in Sustainable Business in 2010.

Trailhead + Formulas = Admin Love

I’ve been a huge fan of Trailhead since its early days, and I’m a really big nerd about formulas. I believe that formulas are an admin’s true superpower. Simple ones are approachable for even the most beginner admin, but you can also solve complex business needs if you get a bit fancier. Want to know […]