Christopher Marzilli

Christopher Marzilli is a Platform Success Specialist Director at Salesforce that spends his days driving customer success on the Salesforce Platform and playing video games with his son.

Cloudy in the mountains with a megaphone next to text that says "How MFA Can Save Your Company Money While Reducing Risk."

How MFA Can Save Your Company Money While Reducing Risk

Remember the days when you only had one password? As fondly as we look back on those technologically simpler times, we know now that usernames and passwords are no longer sufficient to protect accounts against unauthorized access. And while everyone knows that multi-factor authentication (MFA) is one of the easiest, most effective ways to help […]


Help! My Role Hierarchy is a Mess

Is your role Hierarchy a mess? Did you inherit a role hierarchy that hasn’t been maintained? Was it last edited by me like nine years ago? (There’s only a small chance of this. But if so, I am sorry.) Don’t worry we are here to help! You see, things change over time and so too […]