Dale Ziegler

Dale has been the #soloadmin at Kansas City Southern Railway since 2011, taking a very keen interest in data integrity, process automation, and maximizing efficiencies on the platform. Dale is also the co-leader of the Kansas City User Group, and has presented multiple times at Midwest Dreamin’ and Dreamforce. When he’s not trying to help others in the Salesforce Community, he’s spending time with his wife and 3 boys, running, or looking for a good burrito.

Have a Messy Org? Have no Fear!

There is no such thing as a pristine org.  Every org has a few stray text fields here, or close-to-duplicate security profiles there.  But what if your org is fraught with issues…like, let’s say a custom object where the same 13 questions are asked 30 times (13×30=390 fields), or a formula field whose compiled character […]