Gorav Seth

Gorav Seth is the Salesforce Platform Manager at Ashoka, where he works with teams across the organization to leverage Salesforce. Gorav is 16x certified and a 6x MVP, now retired peacefully in the “Hall of Fame” where he continues to contribute to the community in various forms. When he’s not trailblazing, Gorav can be found paddle boarding, kayaking, and planting fruiting trees, shrubs, and herbs.

Headshot of Gorav Seth next to text that says, "Automate This! Consolidate Emails Using Flow."

Automate This! — Consolidate Emails Using Flow

Welcome to another “Automate This!” In this live-streamed video series, we cover all things automation, from use cases and best practices to showcasing solutions built by #AwesomeAdmin Trailblazers like you. With automation, you can remove manual tasks, drive efficiency, and eliminate friction and redundancy. In this episode, let’s see how Gorav Seth reimagined a series […]