Itay Oren

Itay Oren, a data-driven advocate, serves as a Product Manager at Salesforce within the AI department. He plays a crucial role in developing Einstein AI products and Copilot-based offerings, and leads the Einstein Copilot Analytics initiative. He is proficient in providing end users with insightful data and actionable recommendations. (And less proficient in coordinating clothing colors and slicing pineapples).

Einstein Copilot analytics and AI for organizational success

Harness Einstein Copilot Analytics and AI for Organizational Success

As a Salesforce Admin, you know that the rollout of any new solution comes with a few stock questions in tow. No matter how good it feels to accomplish quick tasks with artificial intelligence (AI), eventually someone will ask, “How much is this really helping our company?” As a component of Salesforce’s Einstein Platform, Einstein […]