Jillian West

Jill is a technical writer at Salesforce where she does her best to write about Einstein in a gender-neutral way. In her spare time, she likes to knit (and purl), explain the infield fly rule to anyone who’ll listen, and read children’s books in funny voices.

AI for Admins blog series post on Einstein Activity Capture.

AI for Admins: A Closer Look at Einstein Activity Capture

As a Salesforce Admin, you implement tools to reduce busywork for sales teams so that they can focus on the more important stuff. You know, like working on actual deals. One common busywork rabbit hole is the never-ending task of keeping data up to date between Salesforce and email and calendar applications. Einstein Activity Capture […]


Get Started with Sales Cloud Einstein

AI is here. In the Fourth Industrial Revolution, #AwesomeAdmins, developers, business users, and even your kids have likely come in contact with Artificial Intelligence in some form or another. But, it doesn’t have to be scary (we’ve already disproved the theory about killer robots), and it doesn’t have to be overwhelming either. When it comes […]