Jsun Pe

Jsun Pe is a Director of Product Management in Availability & Infrastructure Engineering Services at Salesforce. Working with the Salesforce ecosystem since 2009, he witnessed the growth of the Salesforce platform while earning his Salesforce Certified Technical Architect credential, building technical practices for top consulting partners in Australia and New Zealand, and eventually joining Salesforce in 2016. During this time, he discovered his interest in advanced architecture considerations in platform performance and availability, ultimately leading to his current role. Jsun focuses on enabling Salesforce customers to build highly available and resilient Salesforce solutions.

Cloudy with a megaphone next to text that says, "How to Advocate for Availability in Your Org."

How to Advocate for Availability in Your Org

Over the last 14 years in the Salesforce ecosystem, one of the topics talked about least has been maybe one of the most important ones: availability. Availability is a topic not too many people get excited about—that is, until availability is negatively impacted. But with a little thoughtful design, implementation, and eye toward maintaining your […]