Karmel James

Karmel James is a Marketing Champion and 2022 Golden Hoodie recipient. A former chemist turned self-taught admin, she has worked in 20+ orgs over 7 years, transforming her into the #Flownatic she is today. When she's not instructing the TechForward Admin Certification Course, she's jamming out to her favorite playlists on her nomadic travels to different U.S. cities while attending Dreamin' conferences, World Tours, and Community Group meetings.

Headshot of Karmel James and text that says, "Automate This! One Per Object Flow Design Pattern."

Automate This! — Karmel James’ ‘One Per Object’ Flow Design Pattern

Welcome to another “Automate This!” In this live-streamed video series, we cover all things automation, from use cases and best practices to showcasing solutions built by #AwesomeAdmin Trailblazers like you. With automation, you can remove manual tasks, drive efficiency, and eliminate friction and redundancy. In this episode, three community Flow experts showcase their record-triggered flow […]