Lance Santin

Developing content for Salesforce since 2011, Lance writes user assistance that appears in Trailhead, in-app user assistance, videos, and blogs.

Data Privacy and Customer Engagement with Salesforce

As a Salesforce Admin, you play an important role in helping your users honor your customers’ wishes for privacy. You know how important regulations, such as the General Data and Protection Regulation (GDPR), are to you and your company. But how do you handle the growing tensions between your customers’ expectations for personalized sales, service, […]


Why Effective Data Stewardship Gives You a Competitive Edge

As an #AwesomeAdmin, your org’s data quality relies on your company’s data stewardship efforts. Managing duplicate records, fixing data errors, and entering missing data helps you and your company improve the quality of data.    At Dreamforce ’18, our friends from Traction on Demand, an independent Salesforce consulting and application development firm, presented a high-level […]


Unlock Customer Data with Salesforce Customer 360

As an admin, how do you help your teams engage customers on every channel and touchpoint? Professionals in sales, wealth management, and healthcare, for example, require a deep understanding of the people they sell to and serve.   At Dreamforce ’18, Ron Pereira, Senior Director of Product Marketing for Salesforce Customer 360, led a discussion […]