Luke Menzfeld

Luke Menzfeld is a Senior Salesforce Consultant working for EPAM Polsource and is a co-leader of the Newcastle Salesforce Community User Group. He specializes in Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and data analytics, and is passionate about developing his skill set to get the best out of client engagements. His favorite topics are achieving project success, high-performance teams, and self-development.

Headshot of Luke Menzfeld next to text that says "Skills for Success: Learner's Mindset."

Grow a Learner’s Mindset as a Salesforce Admin

Welcome to another post in our “Skill for Success” series. In this post, we’re focusing on why it’s important to have a learner’s mindset as a Salesforce Admin. Let’s dive in! Fourteen years ago, I read a book that inspired me and has been a large part of my development ever since. The book was […]