Michelle Gillen

Michelle Gillen manages a team of Salesforce developers in the health care industry. She has been using Salesforce to help transform organizational processes since 2011.

Tackle Your Triggers during #NoCodeNovember

Last week’s challenge to explore Trailhead got my team pumped up for #NoCodeNovember! We took an afternoon and all sat in a room together, going through the Process Automation module at our own pace. We would work for a bit and then someone would say, “Wow, I bet Process Builder could replace that one trigger […]


5 Reasons to go #NoCodeNovember

At Dreamforce ‘15, I was struck with the realization that there is so much Salesforce has to offer that my team hasn’t begun to use.  We have so many projects in the pipeline, and when you’re trying to accomplish a lot in a short timeframe, it’s easy to default to what you know. In the […]