Mark Ross

Mark is a former Salesforce MVP who has spoken about Salesforce Flow at Dreamforce and community events many times since 2013. He is now a Senior Technical Writer for Salesforce's Einstein Automate, sharing his passion for automation where it can have the most impact.

Jennifer Lee, Brian Kwong, and Mark Ross in a new episode of Automate This!

Automate This! — Discover Tips and Best Practices for Record-Triggered Flows

Welcome to another “Automate This!” In this live-streamed video series, we cover all things automation, from use cases and best practices to showcasing solutions built by #AwesomeAdmin Trailblazers like you. With automation, you can remove manual tasks, drive efficiency, and eliminate friction and redundancy. In this episode, hear about the best practices and words of […]

flow documentation featured image

Supercharge Your Flow Game with the Power of Documentation

Shout-out to all my fellow Flownatics! Do you love Salesforce Flow? Of course you do! As a former customer and community member, I’ve loved Salesforce Flow for a very long time. But when I joined Salesforce and the Automation Services Content and Communications Experience (documentation) team, I was surprised to learn just how much love […]