Stephen Brown

Stephen is based in Auckland, New Zealand, and first heard about Salesforce in 2006. Previously an SI partner and customer, Stephen is currently Senior Director, Product Strategy for Veeva, an ISV partner in the healthcare industry. This involves a lot of talking and less hands-on time on the platform, but he likes to ensure he gets back to building wherever possible, especially when volunteering with Cleft New Zealand, a small non-profit. Stephen is a member of the organizing team for Kiwi Dreaming, the Trailblazer Community Group event in New Zealand! He's also slowly working toward being a Ranger on Trailhead in any spare time he has from being a dad of three.

Image of Stephen Brown next to text that says, "Skills for Success: Data Management."

Flex Your Data Management Skills as a Salesforce Admin

If you’ve tuned into any podcast or blog post on data recently, chances are you’ve heard data referred to in lofty terms. “The oil of the 21st century” and “the lifeblood of any business” are some that come to mind for me. What is definitely true, in the context of your Salesforce environment, is that […]