Tripti Assudani

Tripti Assudani is a customer-centric product leader who loves building products for the low-code/no-code markets. She's passionate about democratizing technology and has led several initiatives at Salesforce, C3.AI, and Oracle that unlock the power of data, AI, and integrations in the enterprise space. When not building fun features for admins, Tripti loves spending time with furry creatures of all kinds!

Introducing Invocable Composer Flows.

Introducing Invocable Composer Flows: Automate End-to-End Across All of Salesforce

What are Invocable Composer Flows? MuleSoft Composer is an integration tool designed for admins, business analysts, marketers, salespeople, and team leaders. Using Composer, you can quickly and easily build flows to integrate systems and data and automate integration tasks. It’s a no-code tool you can use to build automations with only clicks. To further supercharge […]