Vanessa Grant

Vanessa Grant is the Salesforce Product Owner at FinTech company Mosaic and the co-host of the Salesforce Career Show podcast. She has built her career around solving business problems with technical solutions and process improvements. She is committed to improving outcomes for all Salesforce projects by speaking regularly on the importance of quality business analysis, devops, and design.

How to Prepare Your Org for an AI-Driven Future.

How to Prepare Your Org for an AI-Driven Future

This blog post was written by myself and Tom Bassett and is an abbreviated version of the presentation we delivered at Dreamforce ’23, where we explored how you can prepare your Salesforce org for the artificial intelligence (AI) revolution. We invite you to read this post, which outlines the key steps you can take, but […]

Image of Vanessa Grant next to text that says "Skills for Success: Business Analysis."

The Importance of Business Analysis as a Salesforce Admin

When I casually mentioned on Twitter that I was writing an article on the importance of business analysis for Salesforce Admins, the first comment I received was, “This is one of my top three skills I look for when I hire admins.” As a Salesforce professional who believes that business analysis is the foundation for […]