Lightning Experience Pro Tip Series

Read the Lightning Experience Pro Tips blog series to learn about setting up Lightning Experience and how to avoid common gotchas along the way.

Upgrade Your Salesforce Apps for Lightning Experience

Let’s look at how your existing Salesforce apps work in Lightning Experience, usually with no effort on your part. And let’s explore how you can add some sizzle (and potency) to those apps by upgrading them to take advantage of Lightning Experience-only improvements. All without impacting users still working in Salesforce Classic.

Fast Track Navigation in Lightning Experience with Favorites⭐️

Favorites are a great way for your users to boost productivity by personalizing how they navigate. Think of the favorites star at the top of the page in Lightning Experience as a constellation in the sky. It’s always there, so your users can easily navigate to what they need no matter where they are. Let’s look at how your users can create favorites to quickly feel at home in an unfamiliar user interface, with fewer clicks and more efficiency.

Master Lookup Search in Lightning Experience

In this post, we’ll look at how much easier it is to set up lookup search in Lightning Experience. And, we’ll walk through the way your org’s existing lookup filters apply—and don’t apply—in the new interface. But first, let’s review some lookup search terms and basics so we’re on the same page.

Simplify File Management with Salesforce Files in Lightning Experience

In Lightning Experience, Salesforce Files unifies all your users’ files, documents, content, and attachments into a single system for easier management and collaboration. In this post, we look at how the different types of files are integrated in Salesforce Files and how to get things set up so that your users are quickly at home in Lightning Experience.

Boost Note-Taking with Enhanced Notes in Lightning Experience

With enhanced Notes in Lightning Experience, everyone can create better notes, faster, from anywhere. Let’s look at how to set up and optimize enhanced Notes, and ensure a smooth transition for your users by converting their classic notes to work with the new tool.

Boost Productivity with Activity Actions in Lightning Experience

You can help everyone feel at home in Lightning Experience by ensuring that the activity actions they use in Salesforce Classic are readily available. Even better, give the team a productivity boost with custom actions tailored to your business needs.

Tailor the Activity Timeline for Your Lightning Experience Users

With the activity timeline in Lightning Experience, your sales team gets an easier, more efficient way to keep track of current and past activities. Let’s configure the timeline to show the activities-related fields that are important to your teams and that they’re used to working within Salesforce Classic.

Pro Tip: Harness Your Salesforce Metadata in Lightning Experience

You’ve invested valuable time and effort into setting up your Salesforce org to work just the way your teams need it to. So it’s natural to wonder if moving to Lightning Experience means you’ll have to redo all that work over again. The answer is: nope! That’s because the information …

Pro Tip: How to Configure Lightning Pages that Work for Your Users

We know change management can be a full-time job for #AwesomeAdmin Trailblazers, and driving user adoption in Lightning Experience is no exception! We’ve been listening to you and your end users and we’ve created some powerful tools for app building and customization in Lightning Experience. Through recent user experience research, we’ve gained excellent insights from users about where our product needs to go.