✨Admin Future Finder✨

Thank you for completing the Admin Future Finder at Dreamforce 2023! The quiz might be over but the fun is just beginning! If you’re looking to skill up further, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together a list of resources so you can continue your #AwesomeAdmin learning journey.

Embrace the approaching horizon, for it brings a golden chance to enhance your users’ efficiency.
#AwesomeAdmin Tip: Unlock the secrets of success by blending your user management and security skills with the magic of AI.

Embrace the arrival of new tools, for they shall empower you to conquer any business challenge in your path.
#AwesomeAdmin Tip: Merge your skills of problem-solving and data management with the enchanting power of AI, and behold the road to triumph in the days to come.

Embrace the data-driven outlook, for it shall illuminate your company’s path to a brighter future.
#AwesomeAdmin Tip: Merge your data prowess with the might of AI, and find the road to success paved with prosperity.

Get ready to soar as your talent for eliminating inefficiency is set to reach new heights.
#AwesomeAdmin Tip: Blend your process automation mastery with the enchanting might of AI, and behold the road to future triumph unfolding before you.

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