Chad Meyer on Effective Case Management


Chad Meyer - Effective Case ManagementThis week on the ButtonClick Admin podcast we chat with Chad Meyer, who is the CEO of Internet Creations, a company whose goal is to help their clients exploit the benefits of technology, and avoid the perils, by delivering best-of-breed solutions backed by comprehensive support.

Did you know that when Service Cloud got it’s beginnings it was called Supportforce?

This episode is all about Service Cloud! Chad and I dive into the following questions:

  • What is a case?
  • What are some best practices for getting started with Cases in your organization?
  • When do you create a case and what are some best practices around case creation? And when is it an activity?

And we can’t have a support episode without talking social media. Chad talks us through implementing service cloud and when we can start looking at Facebook cases. Finally Chad helps us decipher the differences in licenses.

Here are the links to the apps Chad mentions

CronSights Handle Time Metrics

Change Case Ownership Plus

And you can follow Chad on twitter: @chadmeyer_ic

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