Admin to Admin Academy with Melissa VanDyke


“Give others a seat at your table, and then you will get a seat at THE table.”

About Melissa VanDyke

Melissa is a Certified Administrator and Developer with substantial experience in process assessment and implementation, corporate training, knowledge management and project coordination. Her primary function includes process improvement and solution architect using the platform for Orbitz Worldwide.

In addition Melissa is out to help the ambitious administrator with her Admin to Admin Academy. This group is completely dedicated to the ambitious admin, where they combine project management and process improvement methodologies to further your career.

They have a heavy  focus on learning formulas (formula text fields and validation rules) and work flow rules, because Melissa believes the quickest way to start leveling up in your admin role is to get familiar with these features and skills. If you are comfortable with writing formulas then you can quickly make great decisions around the best way to approach a new solution (workflow, flow, or process builder!? After all, why use flow if you can quickly get the job done with a formula workflow rule!?).

If you are stuck on a formula or trying to decide on how to approach a design post your issue now and we will work through the solution as a group.

Click here to join the group now!


Admin Buzz

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