Banking on Salesforce Success with Rebecca Lammers


Rebecca LammersRebecca Lammers first learned what Salesforce was in 2013 and became infatuated, leaving a company she’d been with for 9 years to change industries and careers in order to get a chance to work on the platform. Armed with an undergrad in Biochemistry, she went to work for a company in financial services just starting its implementation of Salesforce, and they both grew together. Everything about this job being new to her, she joined the online success community and local user group for support and she earned her Admin certification within three months of logging into Salesforce for the first time. She now co-leads the Dallas Fort Worth Women in Tech group. Her org started with three lines of business and now has seven lines of business. Rebecca currently holds two certifications and will continue to add them.

Be sure to connect with Rebecca on twitter at @Rebecca_Lammers



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