Document Process in Salesforce with Jennifer Lee


This week on the podcast we are getting you ready for Dreamforce by looking at how you document process in Salesforce before you begin the building process. First-time Dreamforce presenter Jennifer Lee joins us for a discussion of all the amazing sessions she is presenting at Dreamforce in both the Admin and Developer tracks.

More about Jennifer’s session: You’ve just received a request. You log into Salesforce and start making changes, right? WRONG! Put your business analyst hat on. Understanding and documenting the processes on paper is the first and most important step to take before you log into Salesforce to build a new process. This session teaches you to think like a developer and act like a business analyst by asking the right questions to document process, understanding the manual steps for the happy and exception flow(s), documenting them on paper, then building and using the information as a basis for testing.



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