Manage Your Rollout with the Lightning Adoption Tracker App


As Admins, you are experts in your organization and part of being an expert is staying informed about what apps and permissions have access to, and whether they are actually using them. With the introduction of the Lightning Experience, we have a new permission to track your users on Permission Sets and Profiles, and tracking who has access to Lightning Experience should be a core part of your initial rollout process. But just because someone has the Lightning permission doesn’t mean they aren’t switching back to Classic when you are not around.

As highlighted in previous posts, managing a phased rollout for different users, teams and departments is best practice for moving to Lightning. So in order to manage and report on your successful Lightning adoption, Salesforce has released a new app in the AppExchange called the Lightning Adoption Tracker.

The brand new Lightning Adoption Tracker gives Salesforce Admins a new layer of insight into which users have access to Lightning, which users are choosing to stay in the Lightning Experience, and how those numbers are trending over time! This free app is available NOW on the AppExchange for Admins to install in their production orgs and assist with planning, tracking, and fine tuning your Lightning Experience rollout.

The Lightning Experience Adoption Tracker is simple to set up, but very powerful for you as an Administrator to track your Lightning rollout adoption. It makes it easy to have conversations about Lightning use by profile, or any other field on the user record. Now when you sit down with users you have greater insight into how they are using Lightning and what features they may like to try next.

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