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Salesforce Mobile App Highlights | Learn MOAR Summer ’23


The Salesforce mobile app is the flagship mobile app of Salesforce, enabling the world’s #1 CRM and Salesforce Customer 360 on mobile. Built on the Lightning platform, users have access to their Lightning apps, and admins can create custom apps and experiences for mobile users in Lightning App Builder. Let’s dive into a few of the Salesforce mobile app highlights from the Summer ’23 release.

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Dynamic Forms on Mobile (Beta)

One of the most highly requested mobile features will be available in Beta in Summer ’23: Dynamic Forms on Mobile! You’ve asked us for this feature through the IdeaExchange, True to the Core, and the Trailblazer Community. We’re excited to make Dynamic Forms on Mobile available and you can easily enable it via Setup. In this release, Dynamic Forms will be available on mobile for all the same objects enabled for the desktop experience.

With Dynamic Forms on Mobile, you can create dynamic user experiences with App Builder! Customize pages fast, personalize the experience so that users see the information they need, and improve page performance.

To enable Dynamic Forms on Mobile, head to the Salesforce mobile app section in Setup. This is your home base for all things mobile, and we’ve made it easier than ever to manage your mobile app experience. From here, you can enable the Dynamic Forms on Mobile Beta in just one click!

Salesforce Mobile App section in Setup. Enable Dynamic Forms on Mobile (Beta) and other features on this panel

Once the feature is enabled, when you switch to mobile view in Lightning App Builder, you can add a Dynamic Forms section just for mobile with focused information for mobile users. Improve your user experience by creating dynamic, personalized experiences on mobile, fast! Optimize your mobile experience to put the information your users need, right at their fingertips.

Salesforce Mobile App Plus

Salesforce Mobile App Plus offers admins extra functionality for Branding and App Management, Enhanced Mobile Security, and this summer, the generally available (GA) next-generation offline capabilities in the Salesforce mobile app.

Enhanced Mobile Security allows you to configure levels of response against risks, such as outdated operating systems or unapproved devices. It has extra features for compliance and data logging that you may need for your most sensitive company data. With Branding and App Management, you can build, brand, and distribute your mobile app into app stores and automatically update it with the latest releases.

We know you’ve been asking for a better offline solution in mobile for a while. This summer, we’re delivering on that request with the GA offline apps in the Salesforce mobile app. Now, admins can customize a tailor-made offline app, built with Lightning web components (LWCs) to complete jobs entirely offline. This solution enables proper data resolution and syncing between offline and online data to make sure your users can get their jobs done in any network condition.

Using Briefcase Builder, you can create a briefcase, a set of rules and filters that select records to prime for offline use. Configure objects for offline access, select which users and groups have access to which data, and create custom data filters to optimize the offline experience.

See these new mobile app features in action!

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