Introducing Lightning in a Box: The Enablement Kit for Admins


Lightning in a Box is an enablement kit including everything an Admin or User Group leader would need to prepare and present an introduction to Lightning Experience to their team, stakeholders, and/or community.

We created this with you in mind! As Admins, we are the ambassadors for new features and can help to guide our users and organizations in their Salesforce usage. You have probably spent time demoing features, functionality, and apps throughout your company, and you know that doing a great demo is a path to user adoption, executive support, and internal training.

This enablement kit is meant to help you educate your teams, colleagues, user groups, and leadership teams on Lightning Experience and what it means for your organization. With this kit, you can be the internal Lightning expert and deliver an in-depth presentation to introduce your company to Lightning Experience. Everything you need to deliver a 30-minute presentation on Lightning is included, and you can tailor it as little or as much as you want to help fit your needs. Share your experience using this enablement kit. We want to hear what worked for you and any additional feedback you may have!

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The Enablement Kit Includes:

  • Powerpoint presentation on Lightning for Admins, key Lightning Experience features, and resources
  • Coaching video for slide delivery
  • 2 Lightning Demos focused on productivity & customization. Includes setup steps, click paths, and demo videos. Presenters can either do their own live demos or play the included videos for the demo portions.

Additional resources to help you rock your demos:

User Group Leaders Using Lightning in a box:

Share you experience

Use hashtag: #Lightninginabox and share how you are using the enablement kit!

Screenshot of lightning setup page

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