Insight: TrailheaDX with Jacob Lehrbaum


Today on the Salesforce Admins Podcast we have a conversation with Jacob Lehrbaum, our VP of Admin and Developer Marketing at Salesforce, to find out about all the exciting things that are coming up at TrailheaDX.

More about this Insights session: learn why TrailheaDX is great for Admins, and how you can take advantage of everything happening this year.

You should subscribe for the full episode, but here are a few takeaways from our conversation with Jacob Lehrbaum and Gillian Bruce.

TrailheaDX 2018.

Jacob leads the Developer and Admin marketing team at Salesforce, which helps introduce Admins and Developers to the opportunities available to them for their careers and find the resources to get started. A big part of that is TrailheaDX (for pronunciation, Jacob suggests you “roll straight from Trailhea into the DX”).

Now in its third year, TrailheaDX is going to be at Moscone West in San Francisco on March 28th and 29th. This year, they’re adding a three-day boot camp. “It’s going to be an amazing opportunity to really learn in-depth and hands-on,” Jacob says, complete with two opportunities to get certified and vouchers for more after the event.

Finding the balance between clicks and code.

While the DX stands for the Developer Experience products, there are tons of reasons for Admins to attend. “One of the things that makes Salesforce unique is that we empower everyone to build applications, with or without code,” Jacob says, “but however you’re building you have some Developers you’re working with at your company and you can learn some great things about Salesforce that you can bring back to improve your collaboration.”

“It really is about using clicks and code,” Jacob explains, “because if you’re a really good Developer on Salesforce that means that you’re embracing those click declarative capabilities to be able to go even further.” You don’t have to reinvent everything with each new release because you’re building on top of the platform with metadata-driven architecture.

“When we put together the programming for TrailheaDX, we’re making sure that there’s a lot of great content for people who are building purely with clicks, as well as people who are building things with clicks and code.”

What’s coming up for TrailheaDX.

The event kicks off with a keynote from Marc Benioff and a great lineup of speakers, followed by over 150 technical sessions including theaters, breakouts, and workshops for both Admins and Developers. “We even have an awesome session that’s designed to help Admins learn to code that’s kind of an Admin to Developer workshop,” an “Admineloper” session, if you will. There are some amazing AppExchange demos to get up on the latest features in Lightning and Einstein, as well as technical consultations if you have a question you need help with.

“The event isn’t just about learning, but connecting with your fellow Developers and Admins,” Jacob says, “so there will be a lot of great opportunities to network, meet great people, and join the Trailblazer community.” There’s also the fun component, including a great party to socialize with your fellow Trailblazers.

Yet another Accidental Admin.

Jacob came to Salesforce as yet another accidental Admin. “I was in Developer marketing for quite a long time,” Jacob says, “and as part of my marketing campaigns I used data from Salesforce.” As he kept working with Salesforce, “it really occurred to me that it was a phenomenal platform that was really empowering and that even as someone coming from a marketing background I could actually build things on the platform.”



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