Ella Marks

Since joining Salesforce in 2017, Ella has been focused on creating and distributing content to help trailblazers be successful! Today as a marketer on the Admin Relations team, she manages marketing programs that empower, enable, and elevate #AwesomeAdmins!

Sandboxes vs. Scratch Orgs and How to Use Them

Sandboxes vs. Scratch Orgs and How to Use Them

A best practice for building and configuring new solutions is to always build and test outside of your production org. But what org type should you use for building and testing? There are many resources that break down sandboxes and scratch orgs separately—but on the Admin Relations team, we often hear from admins who want […]

Release Highlights for Admins

Release Highlights for Admins | Learn MOAR Spring ’23

Join us and discover the new Spring ’23 release features for admins and developers. We know each release brings with it lots of amazing new functionality and there can be a lot to digest. With Learn MOAR, we’re packaging the release and bringing it to you in an easy-to-digest format with blogs, videos, and more. […]

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Admin Release Countdown: Get Ready for Spring ’23

Are you ready, #AwesomeAdmins? It’s almost time for the Spring ’23 Salesforce Release! An essential part of every admin’s job is staying on top of the latest Salesforce Releases. Three times a year, Salesforce releases new features and updates to our technology, enabling users everywhere to take advantage of the latest and greatest that our […]

Salesforce characters playing music next to text that says "How to Rock Your Next Presentation and Demo."

How to Rock Your Next Presentation and Demo

Whether it’s to your users, stakeholders, a Community Group, or at an event like Dreamforce, #AwesomeAdmins like you use their communication skills every day to present amazing content. No matter who you’re presenting to or where you’re presenting, there are a few tried and true best practices that can help you rock your presentations and […]

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Admin Release Countdown: Get Ready for Winter ’23

Are you ready, #AwesomeAdmins? It’s almost time for the Winter ’23 Salesforce Release! Below are the most important dates you’ll want to mark in your calendar. You can also review release dates and sandbox preview information on the corporate blog. August 11: Get early access by signing up for a pre-release org Admins can sign […]

Astro, Codey, and Cloudy in Slack suits next to text that says "Using Slack to Engage During Virtual Events."

Using Slack to Ramp Up Engagement During Virtual Events

Here at Salesforce, we love events! We have World Tour events, Dreamforce, and TrailblazerDX (coming up this month—be sure to register if you haven’t had the chance yet)! We also have internal events, like company kickoff (CKO), all hands, and internal meetings. In today’s work-from-anywhere world, having ways for employees here at Salesforce to engage […]

Build and Secure Low-Code Apps on Trailhead LIVE with Marissa Alonso and Prag Ravichandran Kamalaveni.

Watch and Learn How to Build and Secure Low-Code Apps

As #AwesomeAdmins, you can help deliver the experiences your employees and customers need (and fast!) using low-code tools. Tune in to the new Trailhead LIVE Admin Best Practices episode with LeeAnne Rimel and Claudia Robinson featuring Trailblazers Marissa Alonso and Prag Ravichandran Kamalaveni to learn how you can start building and securing low-code apps today! […]

Awesome Admins around the world.

What Being an #AwesomeAdmin Means to Admins Around the World

Over the last year, we’ve talked to hundreds of Salesforce Admins around the world to understand what being an admin means to you! Admins are problem solvers and innovators. You deliver on core responsibilities by supporting users, managing data, maintaining security standards, and delivering actionable analytics. But don’t take it from me — watch the […]

Cloudy with a megaphone next to text that says "Inspiring Admin Career Stories."

Inspiring Admin Career Stories

As the Salesforce ecosystem and demand for relevant Salesforce skills continues to grow rapidly, we’re seeing more and more questions from #AwesomeAdmins around the globe seeking career guidance, practical advice, and inspiration — and we understand why! Landing a job in the Salesforce ecosystem is no joke. And, once you land a job, you’re tasked […]