Ella Marks

Since joining Salesforce in 2017, Ella has been focused on creating and distributing content to help trailblazers be successful! Today as a marketer on the Admin Relations team, she manages marketing programs that empower, enable, and elevate #AwesomeAdmins!

Astro, Codey, and Cloudy in Slack suits next to text that says "Using Slack to Engage During Virtual Events."

Using Slack to Ramp Up Engagement During Virtual Events

Here at Salesforce, we love events! We have World Tour events, Dreamforce, and TrailblazerDX (coming up this month—be sure to register if you haven’t had the chance yet)! We also have internal events, like company kickoff (CKO), all hands, and internal meetings. In today’s work-from-anywhere world, having ways for employees here at Salesforce to engage […]

Build and Secure Low-Code Apps on Trailhead LIVE with Marissa Alonso and Prag Ravichandran Kamalaveni.

Watch and Learn How to Build and Secure Low-Code Apps

As #AwesomeAdmins, you can help deliver the experiences your employees and customers need (and fast!) using low-code tools. Tune in to the new Trailhead LIVE Admin Best Practices episode with LeeAnne Rimel and Claudia Robinson featuring Trailblazers Marissa Alonso and Prag Ravichandran Kamalaveni to learn how you can start building and securing low-code apps today! […]

Awesome Admins around the world.

What Being an #AwesomeAdmin Means to Admins Around the World

Over the last year, we’ve talked to hundreds of Salesforce Admins around the world to understand what being an admin means to you! Admins are problem solvers and innovators. You deliver on core responsibilities by supporting users, managing data, maintaining security standards, and delivering actionable analytics. But don’t take it from me — watch the […]

Cloudy with a megaphone next to text that says "Inspiring Admin Career Stories."

Inspiring Admin Career Stories

As the Salesforce ecosystem and demand for relevant Salesforce skills continues to grow rapidly, we’re seeing more and more questions from #AwesomeAdmins around the globe seeking career guidance, practical advice, and inspiration — and we understand why! Landing a job in the Salesforce ecosystem is no joke. And, once you land a job, you’re tasked […]


Learn How to Build Beginner to Advanced Flows in 3 Weeks

We’re excited to introduce #AwesomeAdmins Automate with Salesforce Flow, a brand new, three-part Trailhead LIVE series premiering this month that is all about how YOU can start automating business processes today. Over 3 weeks, we’ll focus on building beginner to advanced flows. Whether you’re just getting started with automation or you’re a #Flownatic and automation […]


Remove Security Risks from Your Org With a User Audit

The right level of user access is critical to security, and as an #AwesomeAdmin, you play a key role in strengthening the security of your org. With many of us working from home these days, hackers are increasing their efforts with phishing attacks targeting user credentials. The cybersecurity threat landscape is always evolving to include […]


Top Content for #AwesomeAdmins in 2020

2020 has come to a close, and now is the perfect moment to look back and reflect on all we’ve learned and accomplished. #AwesomeAdmins learned a lot last year, whether through Trailhead badges, blog posts, podcasts, or videos. We’ve rounded up some of our most popular pieces of content from 2020. If you missed any […]


Leverage Einstein Search to Increase Productivity: Trailhead Live Recap

During our latest Trailhead Live Session, Ayori Selassie, Product Marketing Manager for Einstein Search, walks Salesforce Admins through how to leverage Einstein Search to increase productivity.  Take a look at the recording: In the session, Ayori answers three key questions:  What is Einstein Search? How do I turn on Einstein Search? How can I customize […]