Release Highlights for Admins

Release Highlights for Admins | Learn MOAR Spring ’23


Join us and discover the new Spring ’23 release features for admins and developers. We know each release brings with it lots of amazing new functionality and there can be a lot to digest. With Learn MOAR, we’re packaging the release and bringing it to you in an easy-to-digest format with blogs, videos, and more.

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  • Each trailmix includes 5 blog posts highlighting great new features for admins and developers. Follow along in the trailmix and read the blog posts highlighting all the great new features on the Salesforce Admin and Salesforce Developer blogs (this includes the blog post you’re reading right now!).
  • Get ready for Release Readiness Live! Join product experts and evangelists/advocates to hear about new Spring ’23 release features and see them in action. At the end of our broadcast, we’ll be taking your questions about new Spring ’23 features – you don’t want to miss it. Tune in here on January 20, 2023 at 11:15 a.m. PT. Add the broadcast to your calendar today! Unable to join us for the live broadcast? The recording will be posted at the same link a few hours after the broadcast has ended.

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Spring ’23 features for admins that align to your core admin responsibilities

Salesforce Admins drive innovation with four core responsibilities: User Management, Data Management, Security, and Actionable Analytics. In this post, we’ll break down eight Spring ’23 features that map to one of these four core admin responsibilities.

Support your users

Increase user productivity and drive adoption with these Spring ’23 features.

Learn how to set up new products or features in-app with 75+ new guidance sets

Guidance sets are the best way to learn how to set up your Salesforce product or feature directly within the app. Guidance sets will guide you through the content you need to set up your product in an expeditious manner. For Spring ’23, we’re delivering 75 new guidance sets for customers including new guidance sets for Service Cloud Automation features so you can use the latest in greatest in Einstein to power your customer service experiences. For customers of Media Cloud, Communications Cloud, Salesforce Feedback Management, and Salesforce Scheduler, you’ll receive guidance sets to help you onboard to your products faster. Also, where possible, Trailhead modules will open up directly within Guidance Center.

Enable mobile capabilities faster

Salesforce Mobile app in Setup shows new mobile features and how they can be enabled and disabled with a toggle

Enable or disable mobile capabilities using the Salesforce Mobile App feature panel in Setup. From Setup, enter Salesforce Mobile App in the Quick Find box. Each feature details the behavior that is enabled and its current status. Use the toggles to turn features on or off, which allows you to quickly customize the Salesforce Mobile App to your user needs.

Manage data

Increase data quality, provide personalized customer experiences, and deploy and manage changes with these Spring ’23 features.

Enable new standard fields to drive inclusion

Launching in Spring ’23 we’re adding gender identity and pronouns fields to Salesforce products to increase customer data accuracy and drive inclusion with privacy and trust top of mind. These updates will be available on the Lead, Contact, and Person Account objects and include values like Nonbinary, They/Them, and more. And just like other standard picklist fields, you can add your own values or modify the existing ones. To enable this feature, add the fields to your page layouts and make them visible to your users via field-level security.

New gender identity field

New pronouns field

With this new expansion, we’re making it easier for you to drive inclusion at your organization. While adding these fields is optional, gathering information like gender identity and pronouns from your customers increases the quality of your data. The more you understand the people you serve, the easier it is to provide stand-out service and make strategic marketing decisions. When you have the clearest possible picture of who each individual is, you can make the best decisions about how to serve your whole community of customers. Always keep privacy top of mind when collecting and using sensitive personal information. Be on the lookout for trust and privacy best practices in Salesforce Help, Trailhead, and, coming soon, here on the admin blog.

Get started with DevOps Center

Last release, we highlighted Automatic Change Tracking, a critical feature of DevOps Center. We’re excited to share that DevOps Center is now Generally Available (GA)! You can now use clicks to manage their changes and deploy metadata across their test and production environment, all while using modern best practices related to release management and DevOps. With DevOps Center, you can take advantage of modern DevOps best practices through a centralized, easy-to-use interface. DevOps Center is your team’s single source of truth for projects and work to be done, with the flexibility you need to manage changes and release processes. Learn more in this blog post.

Maintain security standards

Increase productivity and reduce risk with these Spring ’23 features.

Understand user access with Sharing Hierarchy

View of the Sharing hierarchy on the California Branch

In Winter ‘23, we showed you Sharing Hierarchy, an action that allowed you to see a list of users who have been granted access to records through sharing rules, manual shares, role hierarchy, and other sharing mechanisms. Now, when reviewing a specific user’s access, you can see more details, specifically the sharing rule names and whether a restriction rule blocked access, to save you time!

Secure your org with multi-factor authentication

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is one of the easiest and most effective ways to protect users from cybersecurity threats. Salesforce requires all customers to use MFA when accessing Salesforce products. That requirement went into effect on February 1, 2022, and MFA auto-enablement for Salesforce orgs is on the horizon. Get ready for MFA by planning for auto-enablement and preparing your users.

Deliver actionable analytics

Ensure your organization makes data-driven decisions and drive business results with these Spring ’23 features.

Explore data with Lightning reports enhancements

New in Spring ‘23, you can subscribe to 15 Lightning reports (up from seven previously) to stay informed on the metrics you care most about without having to manually run reports. Unlimited Enterprise (UE) customers will automatically see this limit increase, but non UE customers need to submit a report request to increase their limits. In addition, with Spring ‘23, admins now have the ability to report on subscriptions and see the list of which users subscribe to which reports. This can help you understand what data and insights are most important for users, and can help you troubleshoot. The current user can now be referenced in a report as a search criteria. Your users can now run reports that are filtered by their user. This means your Sales team could run dynamic reports on their opportunities using $USER.

Boost productivity with enhanced reports on mobile

Salesforce mobile report screens on iPhone displaying new, opitmized mobile reports interface

New Spring ’23 mobile enhancements allow your users to access critical Salesforce data on the go! Enhanced reports is now GA in Spring ‘23. With enhanced reports, reports are automatically optimized for mobile devices, without reconfiguring the report formats. Utilize the responsive user interface with mobile-friendly features including faster load times, consistent performance, and text wrapping within tables for minimized scrolling. Learn more about this feature and how to enable it here.

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