Josh Alexander

Josh Alexander, CFA runs Platform Strategy and is on faculty at the University of Texas, University of Southern California, and Rice University, where he teaches Venture Capital, M&A, Strategy, and Corporate Investment Policy. Josh was the Founder and CEO of Toopher (Salesforce Authenticator), and joined Salesforce in 2015 upon acquisition. Josh holds an MBA from Wharton and is currently pursuing a Masters in Computer / Information Technology at the University of Pennsylvania.

Mountainous scenery and text that says "Updates to Salesforce's Backup and Restore Services."

Updates to Salesforce’s Backup and Restore Services

Editor’s note: This post was updated on February 7, 2022, with the latest information and resources.  As a result of tremendous customer feedback early last year, we reinstated our Data Recovery Service. At that time, we heard that you relied on this functionality as your backup and restore strategy, as there was no other Salesforce […]