Updates to Salesforce’s Backup and Restore Services


You spoke and we listened.

Last year, we announced plans to end our Data Recovery Service. We arrived at this decision through several factors — most notably, the small number of customers actively using the service and availability of numerous third-party solutions. However, you, the Salesforce community, correctly pointed out that Data Recovery Service’s value lies in its very existence and knowing it is there in the event of an emergency.

We heard you and, as a result of your feedback, we have three important updates to our data backup and recovery capabilities:

First, we have reversed our decision to end our Data Recovery Service, effective immediately. If you previously relied on this functionality as your fail-safe and/or backup and restore strategy, you can continue to do so.

Second, the Salesforce AppExchange is home to a rich partner ecosystem that provides robust backup and restore solutions for customers today. These partner solutions go beyond the capabilities included in Weekly Data Export and Data Recovery Service, driving more trust and extending the value of the Salesforce Platform. A list of AppExchange partners who offer these solutions can be found here.

Finally, based on customer feedback, we are pleased to announce that we will pilot Salesforce backup and restore services built natively on the Platform this summer. We’ve co-designed these services with customers and we expect to deliver the performance, speed, and scale that you’ve come to expect from the Salesforce Platform while continuing to provide additional ways to innovate and extend these capabilities through our vibrant ecosystem.

Have questions about how to use Weekly Export and Data Recovery Services? Would you like to learn more about how ecosystem partners can provide backup and restore solutions today? Would you like to learn more about for the native Salesforce Backup and Restore pilot? Your Account Team is standing by and ready to help you today!

Ongoing feedback from our stakeholders is crucial in making our products stronger, and guiding the decisions we make about where we should be prioritizing. Your success and trust in Salesforce is our number one priority and we welcome additional feedback as we continue to innovate.

What is Data Recovery Service?
Data Recovery Service is a Platform solution that can be executed via a support request to restore a Salesforce org’s data and metadata back to a point in time. You can continue to use the standard Scheduled Data Export functionality. Just confirm that you’ve selected all of the objects you need to export, and also be sure to click the link in the email to download the ZIP file within 48 hours, otherwise, the link expires. To initiate Data Recovery Service, your Account Team will need to file an internal request. This is a paid service. More info is in our Help Documentation.


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