Jennifer W. Lee

Jennifer is a Senior Admin Evangelist at Salesforce and the host of our live streamed series Automate This! She is Flownatic, 8x certified Application Architect, Trailhead enthusiast, and Golden Hoodie recipient. Prior to joining Salesforce, Jen was a Koa customer, blogger (, founding co-host of Automation Hour, and a Salesforce MVP (2016-2021).

Best Practices for Configuring Your Integration User.

Best Practices for Configuring Your Integration User

As a security-minded admin, you should follow the principle of least privilege. What is the principle of least privilege, you ask? It’s the concept of limiting users’ access rights to only what is required to do their jobs. That’s always been my guiding principle as an admin, and even when I was a customer. Following […]

Cloudy outside holding a laptop next to text that says, "What Is a Screen Flow?"

What Is a Screen Flow?

As an admin, there may be times where you want to simplify the process of gathering data from your end users by improving the user experience. This involves minimizing the number of screens and clicks needed to get the job done and increasing the overall efficiency of the process. You want to flex those declarative […]

Cloudy surrounded by greenery and text that says "What Is a Subflow?"

What is a Subflow?

Ever find yourself building the same automation steps to solve different use cases, which results in slightly different flow solutions? So now you have clones of the same automation steps hanging out in multiple flows. And then, goodness forbid you have to make a change to those steps in all those flows? That can be […]

Cloudy with a computer standing next to text that says, "What Is an autolaunched flow?"

What Is an Autolaunched Flow?

Flows are such powerful tools to add to your #AwesomeAdmin toolbelt. They can do a LOT of things and that can be a bit overwhelming especially if you’re new to flow. You’ve probably heard about autolaunched flows, but what are they? You’ve come to the right place. We’re going to give you a high-level overview […]

Cloudy standing next to text that says "What Is a Record-Triggered Flow."

What Is a Record-Triggered Flow?

Are you an admin who has experience only with creating workflow rules and processes and have yet to dip your toes into building automation with record-triggered flows? Or are you a new admin looking to build your first record-triggered automation? You’re at the right place! We’re going to give you a high-level overview of a […]

Cloudy with a megaphone next to text that says, "How to Invoke a Flow from a Global Action."

How to Invoke a Flow from a Global Action

It’s great that we can invoke a flow from an object-specific action, but what if you need to invoke a flow from a global action? You COULD embed the flow in a Visualforce page; however, if you were to do so, the flow wouldn’t run in the Lightning skin. You’d get the ugly-looking Classic flow […]