Lori Sanders

Lori Sanders, UI Text Lead and Writer for Salesforce Einstein, has written for several Lightning Experience features across Community Cloud and Sales Cloud. Focused on the written aspect of the user experience, she strives to empower and educate customers with just enough information. When she's not busy making words pack a punch, she's raising two teenagers and enjoying the outdoors in Marin County, CA.

5 Reasons You Should Use the Files Related List

Got files everywhere? Do your users attach files to records or groups using the Notes & Attachments related list? Give them a better way to manage those files. Whether you’re working in Salesforce Classic or Lightning Experience, the Files related list is your best bet for attaching files to records and groups. If you don’t […]


Deliver Content with Lightning Email

Do you like to use content deliveries to send files? We don’t blame you. Content deliveries make it easy to send files, and even easier for recipients to view them. But are you bummed that they’re not available in Lightning Experience? We have a secret for you: You can use Lightning Email to do the […]