Mike Rogan

Mike Rogan has been a product marketer at Salesforce for two years, working on Sales Cloud and Einstein. Prior to that, Mike was on the Solution Engineering team where he helped customers create innovative solutions on the Salesforce Platform. Before working at Salesforce, Mike was a consultant for a top Salesforce implementation partner and also worked in sales and marketing in the technology industry where he was a Salesforce Admin. He is proud to have recently achieved Trailhead Ranger status, holds four Salesforce certifications, and has his MBA from Duke University. Follow him on Twitter: @mjrogan.

Webinar Recap: Best Practices for Rolling Out Einstein

To help Admins jumpstart the AI journey for their organizations we hosted a Salesforce Admins webinar called Best Practices For Rolling Out Einstein. First we introduced Salesforce Einstein and explained how it works at a high level. Basically, we are extending the Salesforce experience by making it smarter. Then, we drilled into why sales teams […]